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Therapy and Counseling in English

Welcome on my webside! I am a psychiatrist (Medical Doctor) and psychotherapist, who is specialized in psychodynamic psychotherapy, music therapy, supervision and psychotraumatology, such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In my private practice I welcome anyone who seeks counseling, supervision or psychotherapy, whether you are looking to have just a few sessions to think about a specific issue in your life, or would like to consider short-term or long-term therapy.

Counseling and psychotherapy can help you overcome difficult emotions or situations in your life, and work towards a more balanced and healthy life. The review of emotions, thoughts, beliefs or early-life experiences might show up recurring patterns once may have developed over time.

I consider a multimodal approach of psychotherapy very effective by applying tools specifically designed to work at all levels of human psyche. One of these excellent approaches, as used in my practice, is music therapy, a creative and supportive way to process once vulnerable or painful feelings.

Duration and Frequency of sessions

Brief psychodynamic therapy is goal-oriented and can take as many as 25 sessions, whereas long-term psycho dynamic therapy usually lasts 50 sessions with a frequency of between once and twice a week. Counseling can last between 1 to 10 sessions, sometimes even more as far as the topic of the client is concerned.


Charges are according to the so-called GOÄ („Gebührenordnung für Ärzte“), which is the officially recognized scale for the cost of psychodynamic psychotherapy by a medical doctor in Germany. Private insurance policies normally cover the complete cost of individual psychotherapy. Please note that my treatment is not covered by state health insurance („gesetzliche Krankenversicherung“) unfortunately. In that case you may either pay privately or seek an alternative provider.

As far as the charge for supervision and counseling is concerned these are not covered by insurance in general.

To book a session or ask any question feel free to contact me directly on Monday from 10:00 to 11:00 o’clock.


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